Mindful Family Living


This workshop is led by Sara Balla, Director of Discovery Preschool and Family Center. Sara holds her Masters Degree in Education from UC Santa Cruz. She is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. With two children of her own, she has dedicated time to building her awareness in her own daily life as a parent of two young children. Sara has facilitated many parent workshops and helps parents consider their own vision for how they want to be as a family. With a vision in place, parents can make those small daily decisions with more peace and ease.


This is a family workshop that is designed to explore techniques and strategies to bring peace and positivity into the home. With our daily lives getting busier than ever, finding ways to be present can give all of us more peace of mind. This workshop is designed for parents and children ages 4-11 years old.


Mondays 3p-4:45p $150 per family for four weeks


3:00 Peace Ritual

3:10 Greetings and Check-ins

3:20 Activity for parents and children

3:45 Peace and Quiet for Parent

            - reflection, reading and writing

            - activity led by facilitator for children

4:30 Sharing

4:45 Good-Byes