Hiring: Who will care for my heart?

As the Director, I am honored with the task of hiring. As we embark on the journey to hire our preschool staff, what advice can you give? Who will be educating your child and caring for your toddler? My daughter, Miss C will start with our first preschool class. I take this seriously... how will these people treat my heart as she goes toddling around outside my chest?

We were interviewing the other day and I heard myself say "this is the 3rd school I will be a part of opening"! Its true. The first was in the suburbs of San Ramon. I met some of my favorite people while working there. Live Oak Elementary (in San Ramon) was brand new, with new furniture, new projectors, new buildings, everything was new, including the staff. I truly admired the principal there. He was in charge of hiring a staff of somewhere around 30 teachers. He hired a great balance of brand new teachers (like myself) and hard-working veteran experts to guide us newbies in a friendly and non-threatening way. That was the best year I had as a teacher! I was so motivated and inspired by the others around me. My friend Nick and I practiced our '1st day of school routine' for each other a dozen times, trying to get it just right. We were so enthusiastic and dedicated to our work... and loved our team! We created so many school procedures, from how we walk to the lunch room, how we budget our copies, recess schedules and curriculum collaboration. At times it felt overwhelming, but it taught us all that our opinions and expertise were valued. And that's how I learned that teachers first want to feel their value more than anything else!

I am now at the point of discussing our hiring practices for our staff here at Discovery Preschool and Family Center. We're looking for that balance of open-minded, caring veteran teachers and fresh and enthusiastic new educators. We want to see a staff eager to do their best and to learn more about the Reggio approach to early education. We want a staff that is excellent at communication with co-workers, supervisors, children and families. We want a staff with a positive attitude, happy to collaborate with others and learn from those around them.

So, what are your thoughts? What would ask in an interview? 

Thank you!