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Discovery Preschool and Family Center brings Reggio Emilia inspiration to the Westside of Santa Cruz. Reggio Emilia inspired educators developed, in our opinion, the most beautiful environments and creative materials ever to be seen in preschools worldwide. The inspiration of beauty and the careful use of materials creates a magic to the classroom environment that lends space to confident exploration and shared discoveries, rich throughout the school day. The beauty of these environments is more than the aesthetics; it lends to inspirations, calmness, honored curiosities and individual growth and autonomy. With a progressive approach to education using Reggio inspiration, beautiful materials and some foundational Montessori methods; we're excited to build this wonderful school community.


Reggio Emilia Learning Environments

The environment is recognized for its potential to inspire children. An environment filled with natural light, order and beauty. Open spaces where every material is considered for its purpose, every corner is ever-evolving to encourage children to delve deeper and deeper into their interests. The space encourages collaboration, communication and exploration. The space respects children as capable by providing them with authentic materials & tools . The space is cared for by the children and the adults. They experience a blend of freedom and self-regulation in a place especially designed to meet their developmental needs. A hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, of learning. Through drawing and sculpting ,through dance and movement, through painting and pretend play, through modelling and music, and that each one of these Hundred Languages must be valued and nurtured.